Venta de filtros industriale para lubricantes, refrigerantes

ID: 34495

Fabricante Alemán de SISTEMAS DE FILTRADO PARA LUBRICANTES Y REFRIGERANTES busca agentes comerciales en Espana, Portugal y Francia


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Empresa Alemana con mas de 70 anos de experiencia en la fabricación de filtros para fluidos industriales como lubricantes, desengrasantes y refrigerantes busca agentes comerciales con cartera de clientes en el sector de maquinaria industrial y herramientas


Product Ranges and Products

Engineering:  Environmental engineering, Machinery, industrial equipment: Chemistry, Machinery, industrial equipment: Fittings, fixtures, mountings, Machinery, industrial equipment: Industrial devices, industrial equipment, Machinery, industrial equipment: Measurement & control engineering, Machinery, industrial equipment: Precision tools, measuring instruments, Machinery, industrial equipment: Pumps, compressors, Machinery, industrial equipment: Special tools, drills, milling cutter, Machinery, industrial equipment: Technical oils, greases, Supplier industry: Injection moulding, Supplier industry: Springs, turned parts, milled parts, Supplier industry: Stamped and punched parts, drawn parts, bent components, Supplier industry: Steel, metal and/or plastic pipes, wires, and/or bars

Customers and Target Groups

Aircraft construction, rail vehicle construction, military technology, Chemical industry, varnishes, lacquers, paints, Engineering firms, company of consulting engineers, Engineers, Mechanical engineering, plant construction, apparatus engineering, Metal industry, Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical technology industry, Plastics and polymers industry, Vehicle industry, automotive, commercial vehicle construction

Sales Region

Espana y Francia