Plant based organic composite material to launch DACH markets

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Viaplant manufacturer of organic materials selling to interior design via agents and distributors offering good sales commission to enter DACH


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VIAPLANT has been founded by Lépték-Terv, a Budapest based landscape architecture studio, working with plants for over two decades. Started as a form of artistic expression of the landscaping experiences, it combines nature and science, by creating a unique, plant based material of appealing visual aesthetics. 
The Viaplant brand is fundamentally defined by its philosophy, the story concept. The duality of form and function is complemented by a story that stems from the place of origin of the plants and the associated memories.


VIAPLANT creates organic composites using plants as raw materials. The obvious character of Viaplant is the plant itself – its details, colour and texture record one moment in time of the plant’s development, whether it is a summer blossom or a fall leaf. Similarly to amber that captures a moment, Viaplant material encapsulates nature’s artistic performance and preserves it in the long run.

Viaplant composite materials can be used in architecture and design. We create unique surfaces and design objects that can bring the atmosphere of nature into our interiors.


Sustainability is key; we use plants as raw materials with a renewable cycle of one year or less. Plants are sourced locally from parks, outdoor areas, following urban area maintenance, from partners and events. We also consider up-cycling by collecting and creating material from ragweed, thus creating value out of an otherwise invasive and largely spread plant. The colours from seasonal variations, the real plant textures and the originating location, all add an emotional dimension to Viaplant material.


  • Organic composite materials for unique interior design applications with biodegradable options
  • Fine selection of plant components, that create strong visual statement
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly sourcing and manufacturing
  • Exciting biophilic interior design solutions with real plant components to bring nature inside our living spaces
  • Storytelling concept that reflects on the origin of the sourced plant and helps “prevent” plant blindness, i.e. educate on plants surrounding us and raise awareness on the fragility of natural resources


Viaplant has its HQ at Budapest an own workshop and production facility. We also work with partners, who provide industry expertise for certain manufacturing phases. Zero waste manufacturing scope; during manufacturing we make every effort to optimise the process as much as possible to produce minimal to zero waste and optimise energy usage.



VIAPLANT MATERIAL is available in three versions: Viaplant Glass, Viaplant Resin and Viaplant PLA and can be used in various interior design and architectural installations. Characteristics: lightweight, durable surface, matte or glossy, semi-transparent, flexible or non-flexible, subject to selected material version. Custom sizes and MOQ apply. 


We use a range of plants, such as leafs, flower petals, grass, Canadian goldenrod, ragweed, etc. Viaplant is also offering coloured material versions, for E.g. yellow tinted or mixed coloured wood wool. In general there are 12 different plant textures of various colours available for Viaplant Resin and Glass materials and 8 predefined textures for Viaplant PLA.

All three Viaplant material versions (Glass, PLA, Resin based) can be further customised.


VIAPLANT lighting collection display a minimalist, clear cut design and the unique visual aspect of the plant composites. Collection includes pendants, floor and table lamps, wall lamps and custom made chandelier installations.

VIAPLANT furniture collection unifies the trinity of plants, light and functions, being a functional manifestation of the Viaplant material. The furniture collection include an illuminated nightstand and a coffee table.


VIAPLANT is an engineering studio with architectural planning expertise, therefore we support our partners in design planning. In doing so, we provide 3D file toolkit for interior designers and architects as well as we can create bespoke interior design sketches on request. 


Commercial – residential

Viaplant material has been installed in various residential and commercial interior design applications, i.e. hospitality, retail, office buildings, wellness, lounge areas.

Material applications: wall cover, kitchen splashback, partition wall, custom made interior design elements, tiles, railings and finishing, unique product design. etc.


Viaplant has its headquarter at Budapest, currently present on more than 5 markets across Europe and opened its first monobrand showroom in the Czech Republic by mid 2022.

In recent years Viaplant exhibited on trade show events at London Design Fair, MAISON & OBJET trade show in Paris, Blickfang International Design fair in Vienna, Austria, S/alon Budapest and a number of interior design related events in Hungary.  Viaplant material has been featured at the ARCHITECT@WORK exhibitions in Bilbao, Madrid, Milan and Warsaw. For Expo 2020 Dubai Hungarian pavilion, we have designed and manufactured an artistic abstraction with a custom made Viaplant material, a unique installation of 108 lamps that resonates with the main theme of sustainability and water. Also, Viaplant is displayed in various curated CMF Design material libraries worldwide in the US, EU and APAC. 

Viaplant is featured on key architectural platforms and online magazines across EU markets and overseas, generating interest and client enquiries from locations across the globe.

Customers and Target Groups

Interior designers, architects, property developers, general contractors, Furniture industry, kitchen industry, specialised retail trade in design lighting and home decor shops, wholesale, hotels, restaurants, cafes. Viaplant materials can be used in residential and commercial interior design. 


Agent requirements: to introduce Viaplant material to interior designers, architects, hotels and restaurants, locate wholesalers and specialised retailers, i.e. home decor, furniture and design lighting shops.

Distributors: to represent the Viaplant brand on the German market nationwide or at individual regions, selling to specialized retailers in home decor, interior designers, architects 


Product Ranges and Products

Construction:  Windows, doors, gates, building elements

Home and Living:  Applied arts, Furniture, Glass, Home textiles, domestics, Household appliances (white goods), lamps, lighting, installation articles, Interior decoration, home accessories, Kitchen furnishings, Living room furniture, bedroom furniture, Office furniture, Small furniture, case goods

Customers and Target Groups

Architects, interior designers, Consumer market, Furniture industry, kitchen industry, Restaurants, hotels, Retail trade (with outlets or branches), Wholesale, Wood industry, window industry, door industry

Sales Region

DE, Austria, DACH, nationwide or individual regions