Eco-friendly pumice stone manufacturers

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Manufacturers of eco-friendly pumice stone for cleaning and pedicure looking for sales agents

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Our company was founded in 1961. For more than 50 years we have been manufacturing the highest quality products on the market. Our manufacturing process allows us to create a unique product with competitive prices, a wide range of models and the best quality. 

We sell our products to the world's major wholesalers and retailers. 

Our products 

- Cleaning Block WC: Removes urine scale, limescale and other stains from the toilet 
- Cleaning Block GRILL: The most effective cleaning agent for cleaning grills cosmetics

COSMETIC: Our pumice stones are specially designed to remove calluses and calluses from hands and feet. 

We make pumice stones from recycled glass. 

Our manufacturing process is unique and the end product is: 

• Extremely effective 
• Environmentally friendly 
• Non-toxic 
• Hypoallergenic 
• Qualitatively unique on the market 
• Inexpensive 
• Easily customizable with customers' logo, color palette and branding 
• Easy to roll out in major retailers, hardware stores and home improvement stores 

The candidate should be a Sales Representative with several years of retail/DIY/professional cleaning or cosmetics experience, with a relevant portfolio of contacts and proven track record in business development. 

We are looking for a sales representative with: 

• Motivation 
• Ambition 
• Autonomy 
• Excellent communication skills 
• Extensive sales and business development experience

You will be in contact with key wholesalers who work with the largest chain stores and retailers. Our flexibility in terms of minimum order quantities, product customization, prices and delivery terms allows you to reach any company specialized in cleaning and cosmetics. You are supported by promotional materials.

Assortiments et produits

Maison et vie:  Fournitures pour hôtel, fournitures pour restaurant, fourniture pour cuisine industrielle, Fournitures ménagères

Produits médicaux, soins de santé:  Soins de corps, produits de bien-être ou de forme, compléments diététiques

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Grande surface, Industrie pharmaceutique, cosmétique, de technologie médicale, Commerce de détail (avec des points de ventes ou agences), Commerce de détail (sans points de ventes ou agences), Commerce de détail spécialisé, Distributeurs

Territoire de vente

Germany, Austria