Foldable containers for Events, Accom, Medical, Military

ID: 34053

Foldable containers provide 80% cost cut of transportation ,storage fee and CO2 emission. Truck can deliver 10pcs with 1 load!

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Continest is an innovative market-leading foldable container solution, specially developed for the purpose of relatively short-period usage anywhere there is a need for handling large crowds for temporary accommodation, office/meeting rooms, first aid, command post, guard post, storage, service area, cooling and heating purposes. The containers are uniquely developed for easy and quick set up and transport thus being environmentally friendly.

Continest is a foldable, green tech container solution that cuts 80% of the logistic burden (transport, storage). It has proven track record with projects from North of Europe to the Middle East.

Continest is the optimal solution both for large temporary gatherings (pilgrimages) as well different humanitarian applications (medical, accommodation, administration). Relocatable isolation and vaccinations units – WHO, Uganda

Overpopulated areas suffer capacity problems where container-based solutions can help to provide proper access for example to schools, medical facilities, community spaces, sporting areas, etc.

Construction and mining sites are in remote areas similarly to underdeveloped regions these construction sites are also in need of temporary accommodation and community spaces where Continest’s containers can serve the foundation. 

We are looking for distributors/partners who can represent us in the region and handle,provide a fleet for Events and in Human/Natural disaster cases. 

Assortiments et produits

Construction:  Equipement de construction, équipement de site de construction, Installations externes, construction de rue, aménagements, Biens immobiliers: Maisons préfabriquées, Equipement solaire, technologie photovoltaïque

Divers:  Salons, expositions, événements

Maison et vie:  Fournitures pour hôtel, fournitures pour restaurant, fourniture pour cuisine industrielle, Photographe/Vidéos: Equipements professionnels, laboratoires

Papier, emballage, bureau:  Fournitures de bureau, ameublements de bureau, technologies de bureau

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Construction de l’avion, construction des véhicules ferroviaires, technologie militaire, Hôpitaux, cliniques, infirmeries, Cuisines industrielles, cantines, cafétérias, traiteurs, Construction mécanique, construction de l’usine, construction des équipements, Autres, Distributeurs

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Europe: DACH, France, Italy, Spain