Sunproof® Outdoor Fabrics (Trekatex b.v.)

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Who helps us on putting our excellent qualitybrand Sunproof® – Outdoor Fabrics into the German and/or DACH (DE/AT/CH) market ?

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Company description:

Trekatex b.v. is located in The Netherlands and is having the central office and central warehouse in Tilburg. We are a wholesaler in Technical Textiles / Technical Fabrics and specialize in Outdoor fabrics for Outdoor use and Outdoor Living – applications. 

Our customers are mainly active and manufacturers in the cushions & pillows, outdoor/garden furniture, upholstery, boat, project and sun protection industries. 

Despite the fact that we specialize strongly in Outdoor fabrics, we also have fabrics for Indoor-application, Office-application, Artificial Leather and Cover fabrics (Outdoor protective covers).

All our customers are being served from our central office and warehouse in Tilburg and we deliver shipments throughout Europe (biggest part in BNL and Germany). 

Our goal:

We would like to expand our awareness, lead-generation and sales in foreign markets and besides our current acquisition-process we are looking for other efficient ways and local networks to achieve this in the local foreign markets. The set-up of a Trade Agency is one of the options that we consider and investigate now. Our main purpose is now to find out what the best approach is to get connected and find the possible candidates and networks to find possible Trade Agents in the foreign markets.

Besides that our assumption is that we only consider a Trade Agency in case we could find candidates with the right experience and network in our business/product/customer-markets.

Candidate profile:

As written above the main requirement is that the candidate is experienced in our business/products/customer-markets, so the candidate should meet the following requirements:

  • experienced in the market of (Technical) Textiles & Fabrics. A specialization in Outdoor Fabrics – market would be a very big plus, but knowledge & experience in Textile / Fabrics – market in general could be OK as well
  • experienced in local customers-markets:
  • Outdoor/Garden Furniture & Outdoor Living – manufacturers
  • Furniture – manufacturers
  • (Outdoor) Cushions / Pillows / Mattresses – manufacturers
  • Upholstery — > Furniture, Garden Furniture, Boat, Caravan & Motorhome, Interior, Projects
  • Sun Protection — > Shade Sail / Sun Shades
  • Interior Design / Furniture / Furniture Design / Project Design

Assortiments et produits

Maison et vie:  Tissus de tentures et rideaux, tissus de décoration, Mobiliers, Pièces de mobilier, composants de mobilier, Fournitures pour jardin et yard, Mobiliers pour jardin, Travail manuel, Textiles de maison, domestiques, Fournitures pour hôtel, fournitures pour restaurant, fourniture pour cuisine industrielle, Décoration intérieure, accessoires de maison, Mobilier pour salle de séjour, mobilier pour chambre à coucher, Petits mobiliers, articles de cas, Le bois dans le jardin

Modes, sport, accessoires:  Produits textiles: Tissu (sur les boulons), Produits textiles: Matières premières, Produits textiles: Fils à tricoter, fils

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Industrie de mobilier, industrie de cuisine, Travail manuel, objets artisanaux, travail artisanal, Restaurants, hôtels, Industrie textile, industrie de vêtements, Industrie des véhicules, automobile, fabrication des véhicules commerciaux, Distributeurs, Industrie de bois, industrie de fenêtre, industrie de porte

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Territoire de vente

Germany and/or DACH (DE/AT/CH)