Italian engineering manufacturer is looking for Sales Agents

ID: 34455

Italian engineering manufacturer specialist in hydraulics and oleodinamics is looking for Sales Agents/ Distributors in Austria

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Italian engineering manufacturer, based in the Turin area, specialist in hydraulics and oleodinamics, well known with  three lines of supply:

  1. Hydraulic cylinders
  2. Custom build power packs
  3. Design and manufacturing of lubrication systems

is looking for Sales Agents/ Distributors in Austria

The ideal candidate would be already well introduced within Industrial Groups active in completion of industrial plants, machine tools, dedicated machinery, etc.

The gentleman might be already a multibrand representative for different industrial components, of course no overlap admitted.

Nexoil is appreciated in the market as costumers oriented, in fact it is able to arrange tailor made products, as it has a skilled technical department ready to assist our sales team in its efforts.

  • Ideal Candidate

Ability to work independently and manage customer relation, must be provided of vehicle for travelling

  • We provide

Commissions to the Agent
Training introduction
Technical Support and updating
Complete catalogues (along web documentation)

Assortiments et produits

Ingénierie:  Machinery, industrial equipment: Dispositifs industriels, équipements industriels

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Industrie alimentaire et de boissons, industrie des aliments de luxe, tabac, Construction mécanique, construction de l’usine, construction des équipements, Industrie métallique, Industrie textile, industrie de vêtements, Industrie des véhicules, automobile, fabrication des véhicules commerciaux

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