Commercial for tourist experiences

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Commercial for tourist experiences

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We are looking for a commission salesperson to sell Escape the Town tourist experiences: escape room type game through the streets of historic towns in Spain to discover their culture and heritage through play.
Sales are focused on:
- Municipalities that buy the creation of the experience in their municipality (RRP: €3,500 to €4,500 + VAT)
- Schools that participate with their students (RRP: €5 + VAT per person)
- Event/team building companies that participate with their clients (RRP: €6 to €70 + VAT per person)
- Companies that participate in our activities (RRP: €6 to €70 + VAT per person)
The commission ranges between 10% and 15%, depending on the involvement of the commercial. Telephone charges are paid.
Required languages: Spanish and Catalan.
100% online and by phone, no vehicle or travel is necessary.

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