Autonomous commercial visit Medical and Pharmacy

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Autonomous commercial visit Medical and Pharmacy

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 Pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in the manufacture and commercialization of nutritional supplements, Phytotherapy and health products, needs to incorporate into its sales network, independent salespeople with sales experience in the pharmacy channel and medical visits.


Visit prospective customers and active customers pharmacy channel.

Responsibility for training assistants and the team of collaborators, both in product and sales technique.

Watch over and worry about visibility and spaces at the point of sale to enhance the brands.

Visit specialty doctors (Urology, Gynecology and Pediatrics)


Assortiments et produits

Produits médicaux, soins de santé:  Soins de corps, produits de bien-être ou de forme, compléments diététiques, Produits pharmaceutiques, fournitures pour les pharmacies

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Grande surface, Distributeurs

Territoire de vente

Catalonia and Balear Islands