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The company Industrial Engineering Group s.r.o. is looking for sales representative to offer production capacities on the German market.

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Our company Industrial Engineering Group has several subsidiaries mainly in the metal fabrication, industrial engineering, precision machining and IT services industries.

Thanks to our many years of experience of our team, we work together with companies throughout the European Union and beyond.

Our services include: Precision machining of parts and tools, metal fabrication, welding, customized machine builds including software, engineering, filtration units, heat treatment and more. For more details you can visit our web

We would like to expand our services further into the German market, at the moment mainly focusing on precision machining services.

We are looking for a sales representative with experience in our field of work, good English and contacts in the German market to mediate contact with potential new customers on behalf of our company and maintain the contact with them during whole collaboration.

Assortiments et produits

Ingénierie:  Equipements agricoles, accessoires, pièces de rechange, Ingénierie d’automatisation, Machines, Machinery, industrial equipment: Installations, équipements, assemblages, Machinery, industrial equipment: Dispositifs industriels, équipements industriels, Machinery, industrial equipment: Outils de précision, instruments de mesure, Machinery, industrial equipment: Outils spécifiques, perceuse, fraise, Industrie d’approvisionnement: Ressorts, pièces virées, pièces dentelées, Ventilation, ingénierie de chauffage, Soudage et taille

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Construction de l’avion, construction des véhicules ferroviaires, technologie militaire, Industrie chimique, vernis, laques, peintures, Génie civile, industrie de verres, Services publics d’électricité et production d’énergie, Industrie électrique et industrie électronique, Construction mécanique, construction de l’usine, construction des équipements, Industrie métallique, Autres, Industrie de papier, industrie d’imprimerie, Industrie pharmaceutique, cosmétique, de technologie médicale, Industrie de chaussure, industrie des articles de cuir, Industrie textile, industrie de vêtements, Industrie des véhicules, automobile, fabrication des véhicules commerciaux

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