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ID: 34758

Valtronic is a leading global provider of innovative electronic manufacturing services. Specializing in medical devices, we deliver high-quality.

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Introducing Valtronic, the global leader in innovative electronic manufacturing services. We specialize in creating cutting-edge solutions for the healthcare industry, helping our clients transform ideas into reality. 

With our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and regulatory compliance, partnering with Valtronic means unlocking the potential for exceptional medical devices that save lives. 

Don't miss the opportunity to collaborate with us and become an AGENT to further revolutionize healthcare. Join our team and make a meaningful impact on healthcare within your EXISTING MEDTECH NETWORK


Assortiments et produits

Produits médicaux, soins de santé:  Technologies médicales

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Industrie électrique et industrie électronique, Cabinet d’ingénierie, société d’ingénieurs de consultation, Industrie pharmaceutique, cosmétique, de technologie médicale

Territoire de vente

Flexible, depending on the Agent's established MedTech network