Commercial childcare and toy sector

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Commercial childcare and toy sector

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 Company dedicated to childcare and toys, looking for commercials to cover the area of Catalonia and Andorra, in the childcare and toy sectors, we are offering some TV3 license products, which sell very well, but we are looking for a commercial or commercials that already have a portfolio of clients in this sector, and let us know much more than they already know us.

We are expanding our catalog very quickly, and with the licenses of the most famous TV3 characters.

If you have this client portfolio, and you can cover any of the areas we offer, get in touch with us.

Conditions to be specified in the interview.


Assortiments et produits

Maison et vie:  Mobiliers pour bébé, enfant et/ou jeunesses, Jouets, équipements pour enfant

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Grande surface, Distributeurs

Territoire de vente

Catalonia and Andorra