Wooden items manufacturer is looking for salles agents

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Wooden items manufacturer is looking for salles agents

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Pinus Sp. z o.o. – leading wooden items producer in Poland. 

We specialize in producing articles for home and garden, mainly wooden boxes. We offer a wide range of wooden goods to both wholesale and retail customers. All our products are FSC certified. 

Our company has been producing for big D.I.Y. stores throughout Europe such as Castorama or OBI. Over the past few years we expanded our production with glued panels which we sell to IKEA.
As a producer we can offer our products in very competitive prices. Please check our catalogue attached to this message. 

We are looking for salles agents in order to increase our selling numbers and turnover.


Assortiments et produits

Maison et vie:  Mobiliers pour salle de bains, Mobiliers, Pièces de mobilier, composants de mobilier, Fournitures pour jardin et yard, Mobiliers pour jardin, Cadeaux, articles de cadeaux, Fournitures ménagères, Petits mobiliers, articles de cas, Le bois dans le jardin

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Consommateur, Industrie de mobilier, industrie de cuisine, Travail manuel, objets artisanaux, travail artisanal, Distributeurs, Industrie de bois, industrie de fenêtre, industrie de porte

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