Commercial blinds and sun protection systems sector

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Commercial blinds and sun protection systems sector

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 Sunon is a company that was born in 1993. We are located in Vic. We specialize in security and adjustable shutter systems, with dynamic residential solar protection elements, facades, safety boxes and tunnels, as well as motorized systems. We study projects from the beginning with the architects and prescription to collaborating in the trade and sometimes assembly of complex models. We also deal with the manufacture, distribution and installation of the product. For us it is important to study, protect and take advantage of the different holes, spaces and openings in a facade. Our products are as follows: Adjustable blinds, stackable blinds, security blinds, tilting blinds, blinds with light regulation, maximum security blinds and Bulletproof (here we are possibly number 1 for qualities) etc…

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Construction:  Protection solaire, stores

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Grande surface, Distributeurs

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