Looking for retail partners/agents for an outdoor brand BUSHMAN

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Brand BUSHMAN is 26 years on the market with unique collection of outdoor clothing and accessories from natural materials. We offer our full portfolio

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We design BUSHMAN outdoor and leisure clothing and equipment for men and women who love freedom and love travel, discovery and adventure. Those who are not only guided by reason, but also by instinct and have a strong respect for nature. All the products we produce have to be reliable and practical, and above all they must reliably protect you on your travels. We use almost exclusively natural materials, such as cotton, wool, linen, bamboo, leather and more. With modern processing and subsequent modification, we are able to achieve unsurpassed useful properties for individual products. All our products in the real time are to be seen here: https://de.bushman.eu/

As about the collections - we have a new collection of about 80 - 100 items every half year - September and March. Apart from that we have a never of stock core collection which is offered all year long.



Assortiments et produits

Modes, sport, accessoires:  Accessories, Gants, ceintures, accessoires, Chapeaux, Tricots, articles tricotés, Vêtements en cuir, Sac à main en cuir, sacs en cuir, Modes pour hommes et garçons, Chaussures, bottes, Articles de sport: Temps libre, Articles de sport: Extérieur, Articles de sport: Equitation, chasse, pêche, Valises, bagages, Sous-vêtements, lingerie, vêtements de maison, Modes pour femmes et filles

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Grande surface, Consommateur, Cabinet d’ingénierie, société d’ingénieurs de consultation, Construction mécanique, construction de l’usine, construction des équipements, Commerce de détail (avec des points de ventes ou agences), Industrie de chaussure, industrie des articles de cuir, Commerce de détail spécialisé, Industrie des véhicules, automobile, fabrication des véhicules commerciaux, Distributeurs

Territoire de vente

Europe. At present we have real shops in Czech Republic (29 stores) and Slovakia (7 stores). In other countries we are selling just online (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, so also Bulgaria). In all these countries we are looking for agents to help us penetrate the markets into the physical stores as well. The agents can be also from some other markets as well. We are open to negotiate the terms.