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Manufacturer of new anti-noise solutions with EPD certification, for roads - highways - railways - industries, looking for a commercial agent.

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We are an Italian company specialized in the design, production and construction of sound-insulating and sound absorbing panels made of recycled plastic material and 100% recyclable. Our company was founded with the mission of creating innovative and ecological solutions for environmental protection; we have developed noise barriers able to offer high acoustic and aesthetical performances along with an high speed of installation.  Our barriers are the first in Europe to have EPD certification. For our panels we can offer three types of products:  

PANEL-160 with a minimum length of 500mm and a maximum length of 4250, A5 sound absorption (16dB) and B3 sound insulation (28dB). 

 SLIM-125 with a minimum length of 500mm and a maximum of 3800mm, A3 sound absorption (10dB) and B3 sound insulation (29dB).   

Then there is a third product called WALL, which are cladding panels. , A5 sound absorption (19dB) 


We are looking for commercial agents for areas not yet covered by our company. The agent will have to search for possible new customers or partners interested in using or trading our barriers. 

Assortiments et produits

Construction:  Construction et fournitures de transformation, Equipement de construction, équipement de site de construction, Installations externes, construction de rue, aménagements, Construction de façade

Ingénierie:  Ingénierie de l’environnement, Ingénierie d’installation, Génie et construction de l’usine

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Architectes, designers d’intérieur, Génie civile, industrie de verres, Cabinet d’ingénierie, société d’ingénieurs de consultation, Ingénieurs, Transitaires, transporteurs routiers, transportation, logistiques, Municipalités, autorités locales, services publics, Développeurs immobiliers, entrepreneurs généraux, Autorités publiques, institutions

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Scandinavia (norway, sweden, finland) Switzerland