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Over 80 years of experience in the production of brass, bronze and copper semi-finished products.

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LAROMET has a vast experience – regarding the production, with adopting the most modern and efficient technologies and also quickly adapting with all the market requirements.  

At the moment we are the only producer of semi-finished parts made of brass, bronze and copper (bars, tubes, wire, ingots, profiles, etc.) from Romania, addressing equally the internal and foreign market.

We have two production units: on in Rudeni (near Bucharest) which is specialized with casting and the second one in Brasov which is specialized for hot and cold plastic deformations.

We are certified with LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance) according with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

We have long-term partnerships with multitude of serious and trustworthy companies, from various countries and industries, clients that are basing their activity on the quality of our products and our professionalism.

Our products:

• Brass, bronze and copper bars

• Brass, bronze and copper tubes

• Copper sheet/strips

LAROMET’S  majority shareholder Trip Materials AG – Switzerland.

We are looking for collaboration to Agents, on commission agent contract, based on mutual agreed clauses. The Agent should represent LAROMET and its products portfolio (on non-exclusivity representation) to end clients, distributors, wholesalers, on its markets.

Assortiments et produits

Construction:  Produits chimiques de construction, Equipement de construction, équipement de site de construction, Installations de chauffage, tuyaux, accessoires, Fournitures pour des carcasses de bâtiment, des pièces pré assemblées de construction, des produits chimiques de construction, toiture, Fournitures pour l’ouvrier de bâtiment de bricolage

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Construction de l’avion, construction des véhicules ferroviaires, technologie militaire, Grande surface, Consommateur, Ingénieurs, Industrie de mobilier, industrie de cuisine, Travail manuel, objets artisanaux, travail artisanal, Construction mécanique, construction de l’usine, construction des équipements, Industrie métallique, Industrie des véhicules, automobile, fabrication des véhicules commerciaux, Distributeurs

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