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Enblu AG is looking for independent distribution partners for the sale of the fuel additive TecBlu®.

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Enblu AG is a Swiss company located in Weggis LU.

Our goal is to help improve the quality of the air through continuous development and the production of a high-quality product. Companies from many different sectors are already using TecBlu to reduce their fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

TecBlu® is an innovative fuel additive which reduces fuel consumption by 7-10% and lowers harmful emissions.

It is used for diesel, marine diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, heating oil and HVO. 

We are looking for distribution partners to expand our sales network.

It is your task to introduce and sell TecBlu® in several different industries which use fossil fuels.

These industries are:

- transport

- construction 

- agriculture 

- bus 

- production (heating oil)

- real estate (heating oil)

- recycling  / waste collection

- shipping 

...and many more.

Be part of our sales network!

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