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ID: 34953

We manufacture Mixers, Dissolvers, Melters, Turboemulsifiers and BIN/DRUM for Pharma and Cosmetic Industry. We are looking for Agents.

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Dynage is a young and dynamic brand that brings together the expertise of over 70 years in the processing of stainless steel for the pharmaceutical cosmetic and food industries with engineering and design skills to project and build innovative and tailor-made solutions for process machines and handling containers for pharmaceutical industry.

We design and produce mixers, turbo emulsifiers, dissolvers, smelters, reactors and other process devices/vessels for API and OSD handling such as bins and drums.

We manufacture products based on our drawings, or designed in cohoperation with our customer’s technical offices and optimized by our research and development team.

We express our best in special models with features specifically designed upon the needs of our customers.

We put all our knowledge, commitment and experience into succeeding where the standard does not exist and others providers stop themselves.

Our creations, produced with attention to every detail and always updated with innovative and original technical solutions, integrate heating/cooling, mixing and emulsifying, weighing and washing plus various sensors, electronic control of work cycles and adaptation for ATEX environment on request.

We produce starting from first choice AISI 316 steel, with precise and detailed finishes, by expert workers hands.

Dynage is a brand of Albrigi Luigi Srl.

Assortiments et produits

Divers:  Autres spécialités

Ingénierie:  Machines, Machinery, industrial equipment: Chimie, Machinery, industrial equipment: Dispositifs industriels, équipements industriels

Produits médicaux, soins de santé:  Cosmétique, Fournitures pour les laboratoires, Produits pharmaceutiques, fournitures pour les pharmacies

Groupes de clients et groupes cibles

Industrie chimique, vernis, laques, peintures, Institut d´cosmétique, Industrie alimentaire et de boissons, industrie des aliments de luxe, tabac, Industrie pharmaceutique, cosmétique, de technologie médicale, Industrie des plastiques et polymères

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Territoire de vente

UK & Ireland, Northern Europe, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France