Commercial food for retail channel

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Commercial food for retail channel

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 We are looking for a salesperson to introduce to the market (in supermarkets and specialized stores) a new product that consists of a package of premixes to make gluten-free bakery and pastry products, with organic and plant-based ingredients. It is suitable for people with celiac disease and those who choose a vegan diet.

The person profile that we want to incorporate into our team has the following characteristics:  

- Person with a portfolio of clients in the retail sector who are looking for options for organic, plant-based and gluten-free products.- Related to the values of our company, which believes in organic, plant-based and gluten-free products, believes in sustainability and teamwork

- Committed person


Commercial contract is offered on commission based on sales. To negotiate in the job interview.


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Denrée alimentaires, vins, liqueurs:  Ingrédients, matières premières

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